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Tessenderlo Group provides farmers and breeders cost effective quality products for modern and more sustainable agriculture and aquaculture, supplying fertilizers and crop protection products.

Liquid fertilizers


Tessenderlo Kerley Inc. (TKI) produces sulphur-based liquid fertilizers (including ammonium, potassium, calcium and magnesium thiosulfate) that are used worldwide as fertilizers for cereal and broad-acre crops, and for arboricultural and vegetable cultivation.

More information on our liquid fertilizers.

Potassium Sulfate fertilizers (SOP)

SOP improves crop yield and quality, making plants more resistant to drought, frost, insects and disease. Potassium Sulfate also improves the crop's nutritional value, taste and appearance but also its resistance to deterioration during transport and storage, and its suitability for industrial processing.

More information on our potassium sulfate fertilizers.

Crop protection

Through its NovaSource® business, Tessenderlo Group offers a vast range of crop protection solutions to ensure the freshness of crops from the fields to the consumer.

More information on our crop protection products.

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