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Potassium Sulfate fertilizers

Sulfate of Potash: The Gentle Fertilizer

Potassium Sulfate (K2SO4) or Sulfate of Potash (SOP), is the world's most popular low-chloride fertilizer. Combining Potassium (50% K2O) and Sulphur (18%) SOP offers a high concentration of nutrients readily available to plants.
Sulfate of Potash has a very low salinity index making it the preferred potash fertilizer in areas at risk from soil salinity.

SOP improves crop yield and quality, making plants more resistant to drought, frost, insects and disease.
Not only does Potassium Sulfate improve the crop's nutritional value, taste and appearance but also its resistance to deterioration during transport and storage, and its suitability for industrial processing.

A complete range

Tessenderlo Group produces the full range of sulfate of Potash grades; standard, granular (GranuPotasse®) and fully soluble (SoluPotasse®). In 2011, Tessenderlo Group launched a specially developed sulfate of potash fertilizer (SOP), suitable for foliar applications: K-Leaf®. With each fertilizer having specific uses we are able to cater for a range of applications: raw material for the fertilizer industry or straight fertilizers for direct spreading, for fertigation or foliar feeding.

High quality production and reliable logistics

Tessenderlo Group is the world's second largest supplier of potassium sulphate and global leader in soluble potassium sulphates. From its production site in Ham, Limburg (Belgium) with direct access to the port of Antwerp allowing for efficient logistics, we serve customers in to more than 80 countries worldwide. Large bulk vessels, coasters or barges, containers for bagged products, train and truck all give the flexibility to deliver to our customers on time.

Product Overview

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Potassium Sulphate Standard


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