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Gelatin & Akiolis


Through its subsidiary companies PB Gelatins and PB Leiner, Tessenderlo Group is the world's third largest supplier of gelatins. We supply a complete range of high quality gelatins and collagen hydrolysates from our production sites, strategically located in Asia, Europe and North and South America. 

About two-thirds of the gelatin production is meant for the food industry.

Gelatin is a purified protein, produced by the selective hydrolysis of collagen, the major organic component of the bones and skins of mammals. It is classified as food ingredient, and is one of the most versatile and multifunctional ingredients for commercial food manufacture. It is used to gel, thicken, stabilize, emulsify, bind and aerate, particularly confectionery, dairy products, desserts and savory products. Furthermore, gelatin is free from additives and preservatives, and is non-allergenic. In addition, it does not contain cholesterol, fat or carbohydrates. It's also processed in specific foods for diabetics, and products with a low glycemic index.

Due to its capacity of forming flexible, plasticized or hard films, and to act as a binding agent, gelatin is recognized as one of the most versatile raw materials in the pharmaceutical industry. Here it is used for hard or soft capsules, tablets, emulsions and several other pharmaceutical and medical products.

Gelatin is furthermore used for various technical applications, such as printing papers for ink-jet printers and photographic films.

Read more on Tessenderlo Groups' gelatin products, markets and applications at www.pbgelatins.com


Via the French subsidiary AKIOLIS, Tessenderlo Group plays an important role in collecting organic products from the meat and food industry - breeders, slaughterhouses, supermarkets and even restaurants - and transforms these raw materials so they can find new value downstream in nutrition, agriculture, industry and energy.

AKIOLIS is the number two on the French market and the third largest player in Europe.

Its activities can be divided into three complementary categories:

The ATEMAX 'environmental' activities:

  • collection and processing of risk organic materials from farms,  meat processors, the food industry and governments

  • production of renewable biofuels in the form of meal products and animal fats as an alternative to fossil fuels.

The 'ingredients' activity :

SOLEVAL produces ingredients with a high energy, nutritional and agricultural value used in various industries.
They originated from by-products of healthy animals intended for consumption and coming from the meat industry and its distribution chains. Based on these raw materials SOLEVAL produces and supplies: 

  • bones for the extraction of gelatins;
  • dehydrated animal proteins and fats for use in the pet food industry;
  • animal fats for the soap industry, lipochemistry and oleochemistry; 
  • dehydrated animal proteins and hydrolyzed proteins for fertilizers and organic fertilizers;
  • dehydrated animal proteins and animal fats that are used as biofuels to produce heat and electricity.  


The third business area - Development:

Focus on businesses related to new raw materials and new processes in terms of organic by-products and waste from the food industry.
Akiolis collects:

  • used vegetable cooking oils from restaurants or distributors, collection centers and the feed food industry, under the brand Oleovia. The used oils are filtered and purified and are intended for the production of biofuels;

  • fermentable waste from the food and distribution industries through its subsidairy Violleau. The collected raw materials are methanized and/or composted, after which it can be used for energy production and organic fertilizers

Read more on the AKIOLIS products, markets and applications on www.akiolis.com (French only) 

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