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Tessenderlo Kerley

Tessenderlo Kerley, Inc (TKI) headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona (US), produces sulphur-based liquid specialty fertilizers (including ammonium, potassium, calcium and magnesium thiosulphate). These are used worldwide as fertilisers for cereal and broad-acre crops, and for arboricultural and vegetable crop cultivation. Other sulphur derivatives are used for widely differing industrial applications including; mining, water and waste-water treatment, soil remediation and a wide range of chemical processes.

Through its business unit NovaSource®, TKI also acquires, registers, manufactures and markets regulated crop protection chemistries . The focus for NovaSource® is increasing quality and productivity of specialty crops such as fruits, nuts and vergetables .

Within TKI, Environmentally Clean Systems  focuses on supplying environmental services by processing by-products from petroleum, gas and selected industrial operations such as mining and turning these orphaned streams into added-value products.

TKI's MPR Services provides amine and glycol management, enhancing gas treatment systems in refineries, gas plants, ammonia plants, steel manufacturing and Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) facilities.

Read more on Tessenderlo Kerley's products, markets and applications at www.tkinet.com

Tessenderlo KerleyProduction unitsMain products
BelgiumTessenderlo Chemie Hamcalcium and potassium thiosulphate
TurkeyTessenderlo Agrochem (TA).plant nutrient solutions including KTS®, NZN®, KPS™, MagThio© and NFE®
USATessenderlo Kerley (Phoenix) 
9 production sites
Extensive distribution network
liquid sulphur fertilisers: ammonium, calcium, magnesium and potassium thiosulphate, slow release nitrogen solutions;
crop protection products; 
sulphur based solutions;
cleaning services for industrial processes
OtherTKI has sales offices in Mexico, Lebanon and Chile. 

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