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Translating global megatrends into business growth

The Tessenderlo Group strategy is based on the market attractiveness and the competitive position of each of its individual business units on the one hand and on the impact of global megatrends, such as climate change, scarcity of virgin raw materials, demographic growth, on the other.


The implementation of this strategy will not only make a stronger Tessenderlo Group, but will also allow to contribute to solving some of the above mentioned global challenges.

The resulting global business strategy for the group can be summarised as follows:

  • Continue the ongoing portfolio optimization

  • Strive for top tier performance for each of the businesses

  • Make sustainability and innovation the driving force

  • Increase our presence in faster-growing economies

  • Reinforce service orientation

  • Create shareholder value

Sustainability and innovation at the core of our strategy

Sustainability is at the heart of Tessenderlo Group's strategy.

The businesses are developed by understanding the customer needs, and bringing solutions to the mega challenges: food and agriculture, water management, bio-residuals and resource efficiency.
With an enhanced focus on innovation, aligned with global mega-trends, the group will build on sustainability as an engine for value creation.

8 principles or 'mantras' describe what sustainable responsible business means for Tessenderlo Group. They determine what company we aspire to be: 

  • Our planet is the most important stakeholder of our company

  • Producing in a sustainable way means maximising the re-use of every molecule

  • Waste only exists when there is a lack of innovation and creativity

  • Treating water respect-fully is a business model

  • Innovation is the only way to secure that we can feed future generations

  • Transparency is an absolute foundation for a sustainable company

  • Our safety and environmental standards are the same all over the world, because every human being is equally valuable

  • Only a sustainable company can truly contribute to sustainability 

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