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Jupiter Sulphur, LLC

Providing Value-Added Sulphur Products


Jupiter Sulphur LLC represents over 20 years of partnership between Tessenderlo Kerley and the Phillips 66. This very successful venture combining the expertise of two market leaders, has perfected the concept of providing "over the fence" world class sulphur processing services, while upgrading those off-gasses into the high quality, value-added products that Tessenderlo Kerley then represents into its various markets. The assets that are held within Jupiter would normally be considered "non-performing" on any other oil company's balance sheet. However, due to its ability to upgrade "undesirables," Jupiter has proved to be invaluable in terms of reliability, flexibility and financial feasibility to both parents.

Tessenderlo Kerley acts in the capacity of the day-to-day operator of Jupiter; however as a joint venture the various employees are seconded or loaned from the ranks of both companies. This opportunity at cross communication and the inter-disbursement of cultures has had a positive effect on both companies as well as those employees that serve within this venture. As a sulphur processor Jupiter's reliability or "up-time run rates" far surpass industry standards, while maintenance costs are well below those commonly reported in the industry.

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Jupiter Sulphur LLC
Address2255 N 44th St., Suite 300
Phoenix, Arizona 85008-3279 U.S.A.

Jupiter Sulphur
44th St 2255
85008-3279 Phoenix, Arizona

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