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Calcium Chloride

Calcium Chloride produced in Ham results from the reaction of limestone with hydrochloric acid. This classic reaction provides a liquid product of high quality. The concentration of Calcium Chloride is up to 36%.

The four grades produced are:
CC bleu.pngCC tech® for technical applications
CC vert foncé.pngCC road® for road treatments
CC rouge.pngCC food® for food applications
CC vert clair.pngCC farm® for agriculture applications


Calcium Chloride is used in the following applications, among others

​Waste Water Treatment ​Concrete Acceleration​De-Icing
​Dust Binding​Chemical Heating​Tire Weighting
​Enzyme Production​Gas & Solvent Drying​Fluoride Removal
​Mining Industry​Oil and Gas Drilling​Refrigeration Systems

Product Overview and business contacts

The Calcium Chloride produced by Tessenderlo Group is commercialized by its partner TETRA Chemicals Europe.
Request for business contacts and for quotations, please follow the link in the products pages listed below.
For more information about TETRA Chemicals Europe please visit or download the company leaflet here. ​

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