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Who are we?

Crop Vitality is the leading producer of liquid, solid and soluble sulfur-based plant nutrition products that symbolizes the longstanding and growing legacy of Tessenderlo Kerley. The Crop Vitality family of products (which includes fertilizers such as, Thio-Sul®, KTS®, K-Row 23® CaTs®, GranuPotasse®, SoluPotasse®, etc.) represents 100 years of agronomic expertise, and an expanding network of production and distribution facilities. The Crop Vitality Business unit is focusing on the US and Canadian markets.

Crop Vitality products enhance crop health by improving nutrient uptake and viability while upholding the highest industry standards by delivering an essential element for optimal plant and soil health – i.e. sulfur. Crop nutrients are crucial to productive soils and are fundamental to plant health. In addition to our sulfur portfolio, we offer further products that mitigate nitrogen volatilization while aligning with sustainable agricultural practices that exceed industry standards. We proudly adhere to the 4R Nutrient Stewardship Program in all that we do in order to help achieve the highest quality, environmentally friendly, sustainable products. We focus on the grower, delivering sustainable plant nutrients and soil amendment solutions. In our Innovation & Learning Center located in Dinuba, California, we test our products, discovering when and where crops need them. We are also able to develop new products, tackle adverse conditions, work towards just in time delivery and service, and adjust to changing agricultural needs. This helps growers to enjoy sustainable, productive and profitable yields.

For more information, please visit: www.cropvitality.com