Ferric chloride lye 40%

Official name: Ferric chloride lye 40 %
Alternative names: Iron Perchloride 40 % Iron Trichloride 40 % , Iron Trichloride solution 40 % ,
Product code: 7705-08-0
Formula: FeCl3
Markets: Industry
Applications: Water treatment

Product description

Ferric chloride is produced at different sites as a lye or as a granulated solid material. It is obtained by the chlorination of FeCl2.

Ferric chloride lye (40%) is the standard lye commercialised by Tessenderlo Group. The product is sold in the Benelux, France and Germany and transported by tank lorries.

The main application of the product is water treatment. The product is particularly effective:

  • in the purification of drinking water,
  • in the purification of wastewater by "thickening" the sediment (ferric chloride added together with lime before the filter press),
  • for dephosphatising wastewater.