Performance Chemicals

Industrial Chemicals

The industrial chemicals of Tessenderlo Group are the products and derivatives obtained from the electrolysis of brine. Chlorine and caustic soda are the most important products obtained directly from the electrolysis process. The electrolysis units are located in Loos, near Lille in the northern part of France.

The chlorine resulting from the electrolysis process is used internally, for the production of ferric chloride (Loos).

Caustic soda is used in a wide variety of applications such as alumina, in the papermaking industry, in chemicals, for water treatment and the manufacture of detergents and soaps, rayon.
The following industrial chemicals are also produced by Tessenderlo Group:

  • hydrochloric acid;
  • sodium hypo chlorite;
  • sulfur derivatives (sodium sulfide and sodium hydrosulfide);

These chlor-alkali derivatives (depending upon the type) are used in specific applications such as detergents, tanning, photographic products, food, disinfectants, cleaning products and mining (ore flotation).
Ferric chloride and aluminium chloride produced by Tessenderlo Group, are both used for water treatment.​