Our Bio-valorization segment, which covers Tessenderlo Group’s activities in animal by-product processing, consists of PB Leiner (production, trading and sale of gelatins and collagen peptides), Akiolis rendering, production and sale of animal proteins and fats) and Prossential (a dedicated product range of animal proteins & fats for the pet food and aquafeed industry).


PB Leiner

3 production plants in Europe (Belgium, Germany, UK), 1 in China and 3 in the Americas (US, Argentina, Brazil)


3 production plants, 29 collection centers in France (Atemax)
8 production plants, 19 collection centers in France (Soleval)
1 production plant (Violleau)


​Food, pharma, health & beauty, pet food, agriculture, aqua feed, animal fee, energy, oleochemistry, etc.


​Bio-resources, agriculture


  • ​Growing demand for bio-based environmentally friendly offerings in feed, food, health & beauty, energy and pharmaceutical and technical applications
  • Improved standards of living result in increased protein demand


PB Leiner

  • To optimize efficiencies on existing assets
  • To focus on customer relationships and new product development
  • To vigorously focus on realizing manufacturing excellence and the improved valorization of access to raw materials
  • To increase the focus on health & beauty (protein rich, collagen peptides) and pharma


  • To strengthen our position in our core business on upstream markets
  • To improve the valorization of finished products in pet food and aquaculture markets
  • To focus on customer relationships and new product development
  • To improve efficiency in existing plants and logistics