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Who are we?


The Performance Chemicals Business Unit provides industrial and municipal markets with coagulants and other chemicals for either the treatment of wastewater or the purification of drinking water. We also produce industrial chemicals that are used by a broad spectrum of industries such as chemicals, oil and refinery, steel, de-icing and fertilizers. For example, our sodium sulfide and sodium hydrogen sulfide are used in the tanning and mining industry and as precipitating agents for metals in waste treatment. Other chemicals include bleach, acids and potassium hydroxide for disinfection and household cleaning, as well as iron salts, which are used as a key ingredient in drugs both for the treatment of iron deficiency anemia (IDA) and specific veterinary applications. In 2015, Performance Chemicals re-entered the market for potassium hydroxide. This is a product that is used for the production of biofuels, de-icing agents, fertilizers and detergents.

The production processes of Performance Chemicals enable the conversion or recycling of industrial by-products (for example, from the steel industry) into attractive new products for water treatment. Performance Chemicals has four production sites and these are located in Loos (France), Tessenderlo and Ham (Belgium) and Rekingen (Switzerland). The production sites are centrally located in areas where the demand is highest. Our Business Unit supplies some of the largest metropolitan areas in Western Europe, such as Paris, Amsterdam, Geneva, Lausanne and Brussels, with the chemicals required to treat their wastewater.