Policy statement

For Tessenderlo Group, care and concern for environment, health and safety is a permanent commitment for the sake of present and future generations. Protection of people and the environment is therefore a key element of the company's daily policy.

The employees are closely involved in the implementation of this policy. Each one has specific tasks and individual responsibility of respect for health, safety and the environment. The company encourages and supports the employees through specific training programs, while the progress achieved is constantly evaluated.

Tessenderlo Group is striving to achieve the following objectives:

  • Guarantee the health and safety of the employees, contractors and local residents;
  • Use natural resources and energy efficiently;
  • Further reduce the impact of its activities on the environment, health and safety;
  • Seek  further reduction of waste where its disposal is organised in a safe, responsible way whilst fully complying with legal provisions;
  • Strictly comply with the legal obligations and take additional measures where possible;
  • Inform employees, local residents and other stakeholders in a comprehensive manner;
  • Conduct an open and honest dialogue with all its stakeholders.

 January 2010