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Who are we?

​The SOP Plant Nutrition Business Unit mainly produces potassium sulfate fertilizers for agricultural end markets. Sulfate of potash (SOP) or potassium sulfate is predominantly used as a fertilizer for specialty crops such as flowers, fruits and vegetables. With a production site in Ham (Belgium) and exports to more than 80 countries, we are a top 5 global producer in a global market that comprises up to 7 million tons. Our expertise in the SOP market dates back almost 100 years and has enabled us to develop clear market leadership in the soluble and foliar SOP market segments.

Sulphate Of Potash is a versatile fertilizer that is especially well-suited for use in arid and semi-arid and semi-arid climates. The combination of potassium and sulfur delivers a high concentration of nutrients that are readily available to plants. It has a very low salinity index and this makes it the preferred potash fertilizer in areas at risk due to soil salinity.

SoluPotasse®, SOP Plant Nutrition’s soluble potassium sulfate product, is the world’s undisputed premier soluble potassium sulfate. This premium product has an excellent reputation in terms of both quality and brand recognition. SoluPotasse® enables a more precise application of nutrients in drip irrigation systems and this reduces both the volume of fertilizer and water required, while also ensuring minimal environmental impact. Tessenderlo Group is currently the only company in the world that offers a foliar grade of SOP, under the brand name K-Leaf®, for application on broad-acre crops.

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