Workers & process safety

Tessenderlo Group’s Health and Safety Philosophy is based on the following principles:

  • Every accident is preventable;
  • The management is responsible for the prevention of accidents;
  • Safe working is a condition of continued employment;
  • Every job can be performed safely and without risk to the employee;
  • Safety training at work is essential;

Every site is responsible for its own safety management.  In the event of an incident, all employees must know what action to take. With this objective in mind, exercises are held to ensure readiness and confidence in dealing with such scenarios. The training and education programmes are - just as the resources provided for the intervention teams - tailored to the specific accident scenarios of each plant.

If relevant the exercises are held in collaboration with external emergency services.

A number of Tessenderlo Group companies fall under EU legislation for the prevention and control of risks associated with serious accidents (the so-called Seveso directive). In practice, additional requirements have been laid down for safety reports and the safety management system. The supervisory authorities perform regular audits, and frequently inspect and verify installations and safety measures.