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Tessenderlo Group (Euronext: TESB) is an industrial group that is a global leader in many different sectors, including agriculture, valorizing bio-residuals, energy, and providing industrial solutions with a focus on water. The group employs more than 4,800 people, we are a leader in most of the markets which we operate, and we recorded a consolidated revenue of 2.1 billion EUR in 2021.

Our tagline – “Every Molecule Counts” - clearly conveys the unique attitude to sustainability and continuous practical innovation within each department of Tessenderlo Group. As an international company with Belgian roots, Tessenderlo Group promotes personal and local entrepreneurship, creating opportunities for all of our employees to take on challenging roles and real responsibilities. On top of this, our people are encouraged to further develop their competencies through regular training initiatives, and they are rewarded with competitive compensation and benefits packages. More information can be found at

Expertise and entrepreneurship, technical strength and know-how, curiosity and creativity are key for the Group to secure its position as a global leader in most of its products and markets. An innovation mindset and focus on safety and sustainability are indispensable for a successful future where every molecule counts. The Group is committed to demonstrating the quality, conformity, safety and efficacy of our fertilizer and industrial chemical products to the competent authorities, as well as playing a proactive, societal role in complying with environmental trends and new regulations.   For agriculture, we have test fields and greenhouses at our learning center in California, which are intensively used by our regional agronomists to develop new fertilizers and provide scientific answers to our customer’s unmet needs, and we are looking in setting up a research greenhouse in Belgium.   

To further intensify the collaboration between our agronomist network and our central innovation team,   we are looking for a research agronomist.   You will be employed in our Tessenderlo Innovation Center, reporting to the senior VP innovation.

Job description

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  • Based on your own agronomic background, you will develop a fundamental agronomic understanding of our fertilizer portfolio on plant health, soil health and nitrogen use efficiency in order to optimize their use for sustainable agriculture. 
  • You will bring on new ideas for innovating our current offering of liquid and solid S-based fertilizers, looking scientifically into their performance on different crops and soils.
  • You take responsibility of the greenhouses towards crop trials planning, close follow-up and reporting in support of all ongoing research projects.
  • You will lead the scientific agronomic trials of our fertilizers for organic farming and help to expand our portfolio in close collaboration with organic fertilizer business team.
  • You are highly motivated to look into emerging fertilizer technologies, such as probiotics,  biostimulants and identify the best opportunity for TG.
  • You understand the different fertilizer value chains and are able to generate profound scientific data to support the promotion of our product offerings.
  • You coordinate dedicated crop and field trials with the local agronomist teams in our California farm and worldwide.  You will integrate and share in-depth knowledge within the agronomy community, implement the learnings in the greenhouses in our Californian farm and later on in our state-of-the-art greenhouse in Tessenderlo and coordinate all test trials with the lead agronomy managers.
  • You are passionate about bringing your ideas and science into reality and by making impact and progress in cross-disciplinary multicultural settings. You interact with and influence all stakeholders in your projects, being colleagues with different scientific backgrounds and competences, like chemists, agronomists, bio-engineers, material scientists, chemical engineers as well as business and production functions.
  • You will network and be strongly linked internally and externally (scientific & business network).
  • You work closely together with identified institutes for specific crop and field trials and take ownership to get most out of the trials, translating obtained results into value for the business.
  • You will develop experimental plans and drive analytical method development for the lab teams within the R&D community, do the follow-up and manage the interaction of the lead agronomy manager with the Innovation Centers.
  • You will do literature search and patent landscaping in preparation of a research project.
  • You will investigate if external research funding is feasible, and accordingly write a project proposal in close collaboration with one of the assigned vendors


  • Master of Science in Bioscience Engineering (Agricultural Sciences), Master of Science in Biochemistry and Biotechnology
  • In-depth experience in agronomic crop trials, organic and sustainable agriculture is a must.
  • Insights in fertilizer manufacture technology and application is a plus.
  • Knowledge of product registration dossier (e.g. OMRI, Ecocert,…) is a plus.
  • Strong in statistics, necessary for analyzing agronomic trial results (eg R., Jump, ARM,…)
  • Ability to translate conceptual ideas and problems into experimental programs/set-ups
  • Project management experience: planning, analytical, prioritizing and organizing abilities
  • Strong customer focus, ability to understand business needs, strong influencing skills
  • Able to work in a multicultural environment
  • Positive attitude and drive & proactive communication skills
  • You show positive, entrepreneurial, courageous, connected, focused and decisive attitudes
  • Multilingual, fluency in English,  Dutch and/or French as a plus.
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