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Company description

T-Power was founded in 2005, with Tessenderlo Group as one of its original three shareholders. After completion of the development program, the T-Power 425 MW gas-fired combined cycle power plant (CCGT) located in Tessenderlo was built and commissioned in 2011. Thanks to its high efficiency and flexibility, the T-Power power plant is one of the most competitive gas-fired power plants in Belgium and the broader interconnected electricity trading area. T-Power operates as a project-financed Independent Power Producer.  After several changes in shareholding over the years, Tessenderlo Group acquired 100% of T-Power in October 2018 by purchasing the shares held by the remaining shareholders.

Job description

T-Power Energy Services is responsible for the operation and maintenance of the T-Power power plant in Tessenderlo, Belgium. T-Power is a modern Combined gas and steam power plant of the latest generation that has been operating commercially since 2011.The Shift Operations Technician works in a fully continuous shift system and ensures the safety of our plant and employees. He strives to meet operational objectives in a safe and commercial manner, all while respecting environmental standards. The Shift Operations Technician is responsible for the operation of the CCGT plant, inspections, fault diagnosis and minor maintenance works. He works according to local procedures and instructions.

  • As a Shift Operations Technician, you are responsible for monitoring and operating the plant in a safe and environmentally friendly manner. You monitor production from the control room and in the plant, perform analyses and make adjustments where necessary;
  • Starting up and stopping the plant according to the procedures and instructions;
  • Performing tests on the installation according to procedures and instructions;
  • Monitoring the chemical parameters of the plant;
  • Respecting and performing the tasks imposed by local safety regulations;
  • Securing the plant for maintenance staff and returning the plant to service afterwards;
  • Performing minor standard maintenance work;
  • Liaise with various parties such as the owner, the customer, the gas supplier, the network operator and others;
  • Writing and checking procedures and instructions.


  • You hold a Bachelor's degree in Electromechanics, Electricity, Mechanics, Chemistry or are equivalent by experience;
  • You are flexible and willing to work in a continuous shift system;
  • You have experience in a process environment, experience in the electricity sector is a big asset;
  • You can work punctually and accurately with insight and interest in process automation;
  • You have a strong problem solving ability and are able to work independently;
  • You are stress resistant;
  • You are an enthusiastic team player with a sense of responsibility and initiative;
  • high dose of motivation and eagerness to learn? contact us to see if you can be qualified for our trainee program.


Our offer: - An exciting and varied position in a full continuous system within a close-knit team in a high technology environment; - Contract of unlimited duration;- Good remuneration with fringe benefits according to the gas and electricity sector.

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