DYKA opens second branch in Amsterdam

​This week DYKA opened its second branch in the southeast region of Amsterdam. DYKA already has a branch in Amsterdam Sloterdijk but due to the growth of the capital city, DYKA decided to open a second branch. The official opening ceremony took place on June 21, 2018.

Two new branches in 2018

With the opening of the brand new branch in the southeast region of Amsterdam, DYKA now has a total of 21 branches spread throughout the Netherlands, two of which are located in Amsterdam. Indeed, DYKA opened a new branch in Tilburg just a few months ago. This expansion is the result of the implementation of DYKA's strategy. Whilst e-commerce unquestionably plays an important role in the revenues of the company, DYKA wants to be close to its customers, ensuring supplies are nearby and offering its customers technical advice.  

“Our branch co-workers are genuine experts who always put their customers first. For us, the branches offer real added value when it comes down to the provision of personal advice. Customers can ask us all of their questions and we can help them to find the right solutions. Our branches are spread all over the country in strategic locations. The reality is that Amsterdam continues to grow and the traffic in the city is also increasing. Opening a second branch seemed logical as this ensures we are even easier to reach for our Amsterdam-based customers," explained Eric Jan Rutten, Commercial Director Building and Installation at DYKA.

Brand new sustainable branch

The brand new branch in the southeast region of Amsterdam has a special focus on sustainability. The branch is 3,000 m2 in size and consists of a terrain, a warehouse and a shop. The roof is covered in solar panels. Furthermore, the hall has LED lights and floor heating. Finally, not only does the shop function partly as a showroom, but it also acts as a service point from which customers can collect their orders.

Opening week from June 18 - June 22

Installers and contractors from the Amsterdam region received a newspaper with an invitation in their mailboxes and the first 100 customers will be presented with a gift box when they visit the new branch. Many DYKA employees are ready for the first week of opening and looking forward to welcoming both new and existing customers.