Ferric chloride - Pharma Grade

Official name: Ferric Chloride Pharma

Product code - CAS Nr: 7705-08-0

Formula: FeCl3

Markets: High value-in-use applications

Applications: Pharmaceuticals, Catalysts etc. where low heavy metals profiles and specific physicochemical properties are required

Ferric Chloride Pharma Grade is as iron salt in aqueous solution with customer-tailored levels of Fe3+, Fe2+ and HCl-concentrations, based on customer specifications.

Ferric Chloride Pharma Grade is sold in the pharmaceutical industry as well as industries requiring demanding product properties.

Production is located at our facilities in Rekingen, Switzerland.

Available concentrations of Ferric Chloride Pharma Grade are 40.0% and – upon demand – solutions in a range between 35% and 46%.

Deliveries are in bulk: tank truck or container, IBC’s of 1000 lt and jerricans of 50 lt,or 20 lt.


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