Shareholders Structure

Shares outstanding

On December 18, 2018, the number of Tessenderlo Group NV's outstanding shares was as follows: 43,146,979

Effective voting rights attached to shares representing the capital ("denominator")

The Extraordinary Shareholders Meeting of Tessenderlo Group NV of July 10, 2019 has approved the introduction of a loyalty voting right in accordance with article 7:53 BCCA. A double voting right is granted to the shares that have continuously been registered in the share register on the name of the same shareholder for at least two years.

The number of voting rights attached to the outstanding shares on July 31, 2019, is 56,848,171.


On December 18, 2018, the number of Tessenderlo Group NV outstanding warrants was as follows:

Future voting rights, potential or otherwise, resulting from rights and commitments at the conversion into or the subscription for shares to be issued, namely the exercise of warrants from staff

​ 8,000

Transparency information

Based on latest notification or latest available public information and on the denominator mentioned above, the voting rights in the company are currently as follows (status July 31, 2019):

Shareholder Number of voting rights %
Verbrugge nv (controlled by Picanol)31,752,69555.86%
Symphony Mills NV1,832,2003.22%
​Coltrane Asset Management, L.P.2,163,0003.80%​
​Janus Henderson Group PLC​1,561,002​2.75%
​Norges Bank​1,287,8992.27%
​Carmignac Gestion SA​903,6871.59%​
​Dimensional Fund Advisors L.P.​891,0221.57%​
​KBC Asset Management NV​744,813​1.31%
​Valarc Master Fund, Ltd. ​630,402​1.11%
Total 56,848,171100.00%

Verbrugge NV is controlled by Picanol NV, which in turn is controlled by Artela NV. Artela NV and Symphony Mills NV are controlled by Mr. Luc Tack.

An overview of the transparency declarations can be found here.

LIFO Principle

In case of a request to convert nominative shares into dematerialized shares, Tessenderlo Group will apply the LIFO Principle (Last In, First Out). The latest entries into the register of nominative shares thus will be converted first.


Shareholders whose voting rights in Tessenderlo Group surpass the threshold of 1%, 3%, 5 %, 7.5% and each multiple of 5 %, in either direction, are required to notify the Belgian Financial Services and Markets Authority (FSMA) ( and Tessenderlo Group NV (

If you wish to obtain the necessary notification documents please contact Tessenderlo Group's shareholders' service.