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Tessenderlo Kerley International

Who are we?

Tessenderlo Kerley International supplies value-added liquid, soluble, and solid plant nutrition to support growers in realizing efficient and sustainable agriculture. Our global team of agronomists and commercial advisers is characterized by a dense local network, strong customer focus and has an outstanding heritage. This is because we are able to build on the 100 years of expertise at Tessenderlo (in solid and soluble potassium-based fertilizers) and the 70 years of expertise at Kerley (in liquid fertilizers). Our dedication to giving farmers the precise tools needed to optimize their crops is at the very heart of everything we do. Our portfolio consists of well-recognized specialty fertilizers such as SoluPotasse®, Thio-Sul®, KTS®, CaTs®, etc., and we continuously invest in these products in terms of innovation, product development, and support. This is how we can guarantee that all of our interactions - whether they involve our products, our experts, or our advisers – will create maximal output, i.e. a better yield for crops, more control for farmers, and a healthier planet for everyone.

For more information, please visit the Tessenderlo Kerley International website