Who are we?

NovaSource delivers a portfolio of niche crop protection products to agriculture customers worldwide. Focusing on specialty crops, NovaSource brings value to the market using active ingredients that are proven to boost crop yields and quality. For over 10 years, NovaSource has marketed the premium crop protection product LINEX®, an agricultural herbicide, for use on potatoes, soybeans, and other crops. LINEX® provides value to the customer thanks to its effect on weeds that are difficult to control and its impressive crop safety. Other products in the NovaSource portfolio include SEVIN®, an agricultural insecticide, SECTAGON®, an agricultural fumigant, and VELPAR®, an agriculture herbicide. Through a diverse array of superior crop protection products, NovaSource protects growers’ crops from a variety of damaging weeds, insects, and diseases, hence increasing the growers’ yields, profitability, and predictability. ​

For more information, please visit the NovaSource website.