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Performance Chemicals becomes ‘Kuhlmann Europe’

Performance Chemicals, which is a business unit of Tessenderlo Group, is changing its name to Kuhlmann Europe. Under the new banner of Kuhlmann Europe, the business unit decided not only to look to its future but also to return to its roots and its illustrious founder: Frédéric Kuhlmann. For almost 200 years, the business unit has played an essential role in wastewater treatment and potabilization, disinfection, and health.

For almost 200 years, we have played a key role in the treatment of wastewater and drinking water, disinfection, and health. Under the name of Kuhlmann Europe, we want to look to our future but also return to our roots and the illustrious founder of our site at Loos: Frédéric Kuhlmann. Our new identity emphasizes our commitment to provide essential chemical products in a reliable, safe, and sustainable way. And our new logo reflects our position as Europe's leading manufacturer of ferric coagulants and bleach for water purification and disinfection,” said Stefaan Haspeslagh, Chairman of Tessenderlo Group.

Kuhlmann Europe is a leading producer of coagulants and other chemicals for wastewater treatment and drinking water purification. It also offers industrial chemicals such as bleach, sodium hydroxide, various grades of hydrochloric acid to meet the demands of many markets, and calcium chloride for food and industrial applications. Kuhlmann Europe has also developed processes to build on its process expertise and contribute to resource conservation as a key player in the circular economy.

The brand new Kuhlmann Europe website is now online at

About Kuhlmann Europe

Kuhlmann Europe provides industrial and municipal markets with coagulants and other chemicals for either the treatment of wastewater or the purification of drinking water. The business unit also produces industrial chemicals which are used by a broad spectrum of industries, such as the pharmaceutical industry, oil and refinery, steel, de-icing, and fertilizers. Kuhlmann Europe has four production sites and these are located in Loos (France), Tessenderlo and Ham (Belgium), and Rekingen (Switzerland). It supplies some of the largest metropolitan areas in Western Europe, such as Paris, Amsterdam, Geneva, and Brussels, with the chemicals required to treat their wastewater.

About Tessenderlo Group

Tessenderlo Group is a diversified industrial group that focuses on agriculture, valorizing bio-residuals, energy, and providing industrial solutions with a focus on water. The group employs approximately 4,800 people, is a leader in most of its markets and recorded a consolidated revenue of 1.7 billion EUR in 2020. Tessenderlo Group is listed on Euronext Brussels and is part of Next 150 and BEL Mid indices. Financial News wires: Bloomberg: TESB BB – Reuters: TESB.BR – Datastream: B:Tes.

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