Sodium hypochlorite (bleach)

Official name: sodium hypochlorite

Product code - CAS Nr: 7861-52-9

Formula: NaOCl

Market: Industry

Applications: Bleaching, Cleaning, Disinfection, Deodorizing, Water treatment, Swimming Pools…


Sodium hypochlorite or bleach is a slightly yellowish solution produced from a combination of chlorine and sodium hydroxide. Both chlorine and NaOH are obtained from electrolysis of NaCl (salt).


Tessenderlo Group is a major producer of sodium hypochlorite.


Production is located at our facility in Loos, France

Sodium hypochlorite is offered in concentrations 13% and 15,2 % active Cl2. Both are available as EN 901 Type 1 and EN 901 Type 2.

Deliveries are in bulk: tank trucks


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