Sulfuric acid

Official name: Sulfuric acid

Product code – CAS Nr: 7664-93-9

Formula: H2SO4

Markets: Industry

Applications: Batteries, Chemical processing, Metal pickling, Water treatment, Industrial chemicals

Sulfuric acid is a strong acid with hygroscopic characteristic and oxidizing properties.

Sulfuric acid is used in the fertilizer, chemical, synthetic textile and pigment industries. Other applications include the manufacture of batteries, metal pickling and many more industrial manufacturing processes.

Tessenderlo Group is a major producer, consumer and vendor of sulfuric acid. The group uses large quantities of this acid for the production of potassium sulfates in its Mannheim furnaces.

Product is sold in different concentrations of aqueous sulphuric acid solutions from Tessenderlo Group in Ham.

Available concentrations are 96,5%, 76%, 70% and 38%.

Deliveries are in bulk, tank trucks.


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