Sustainability development

Safeguarding the interests of future generations, while meeting the needs of the present generation

Even if chemistry is not always visible, it can be found in all of the products that shape our everyday life. As a global leader in the manufacturing chain of these commodities we have made sustainability one of our primary long-term goals, integrating it into every area of our business. Our vision and innovation shape the future and Tessenderlo Group constantly strives to further its efforts in sustainability for the benefit of its customers, shareholders, employees and the environment.

The principle of "Sustainable Development" refers to the balance between the environment, economy and society, and we aim to achieve and maintain this in a number of ways:

Tessenderlo Group is a keen contributor to projects such as "Responsible Care" and "VinylPlus, the Voluntary Commitment of the PVC-industry" and we have made a formal commitment to the environmental strategies proposed therein.


Continued research into better technology and more eco-efficient production methods help us to achieve our corporate objective of continually reducing the environmental impact and to improve the working conditions of our employees. Taking advantage of new technologies ("Best available technology") and all available knowledge, we are able to maintain this objective of continually bettering our performance in the areas of safety, health and the environment.

Through open dialogue we wish to assume our responsibility to society by acting as a corporate citizen. We actively give our support to initiatives that encourage the development of science education in the community around us and contribute to the development of local economies through our many industrial settlements worldwide.

By ensuring the environmental sustainability of our products, which can be traced to virtually all aspects of everyday life, such as housing, medicine, agriculture and health, we contribute to an improved standard of living for hundreds of millions of people around the world.