Our 10 guiding principles

  1. Our main focus is our business and we do everything we can to get better at what we do.
  2. The Safety and Health of everyone in our business is more important than any other subject.
  3. Our people are most important: all leaders need to enthuse, to challenge, to develop and to recognize.
  4. Customer intimacy is at the center of our attention and we shall valorize our products to the maximum.
  5. Operational Excellence is a top priority.
  6. Overhead costs must be kept to a minimum in order to improve competitiveness.
  7. We are dynamic and have an entrepreneurial spirit in the Group: Challenge and execution are key.
  8. We fight and win the battle in the market by assuming our responsibilities and taking the right actions at all levels.
  9. We want to fully exploit the knowledge within the Group and have Group experts & services to assist the businesses on the projects.
  10. We carry out the positive, courageous, curious and connected attitudes and demonstrate decisive & focused behavior, ensuring the highest standards of ethical behavior within our Code of Conduct at all times.