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Safety and Health

Tessenderlo Group is committed to protecting and improving the safety, health and general well-being of its employees, customers, suppliers, and neighbors by preventing or limiting its activities and products from affecting people and the environment.

It is our responsibility to ensure that our employees can work in a safe work environment and we are responsible for clearly communicating expectations regarding how to work safely via awareness programs, audits and improvement measures. Tessenderlo Group works to achieve a “zero fatality rate” globally.

Tessenderlo Group’s Safety and Health Policy is integrated into company processes, operations, and systems. The protection of employees, customers, suppliers, visitors, and neighbors against unacceptable risks overrides economic considerations and must not be compromised. In the event of any doubts, the overriding principle of precaution must apply.

Our continuous focus on improving safety and health performance remains the top priority for Tessenderlo Group. The year was dominated by the continuing impact of the global COVID-19 pandemic and consequently employee safety and health risks and performance were heightened. Many business activities continued to be classified as “essential” and, as a result, many of our employees continued operating from our factories and offices in accordance with local legislation. This understandably posed significant organizational and logistical challenges. We reinforced vigorous monitoring and hygiene regimes to safeguard the health of those employees. Our measures were broadly successful and have remained in place to meet national and local statutory obligations. However, our foremost objective remains to ensure that our employees remain safe and healthy and understand, behave, and participate with our commitment to the wellbeing of everyone. We strive to preserve, conserve, and protect the resources we use to conduct our business.