Instant drying

Production of highly digestible feather meals and blood meals via instant low impact drying technology

Process features

Technical features

  • Extremely short residence time (few seconds)
  • Simultaneous instant drying and grinding (no need of additional milling step)
  • Microbiological contamination is mitigated (no dead zones or product holdup) / easy sanitization
  • Small foot print (easy to retrofit existing plant)
  • Operational flexibility / easy to operate (start / stop)
  • Easy maintenance
  • Easy cleanability

Product features

Feather meal features

High digestibility positively impacts nutritional efficiency

  • Higher inclusion rate in formulation
  • Improved formulation cost efficiency
  • Lower discharge to the environment (nitrogen)

Smaller particle size facilitates use in processing

  • Very homogeneous product
  • Improves the extrusion process, enables easy inclusion in small pellet sizes
  • Less load on grinding step
Blood meal features

Spray dried quality

Excellent digestibility

Bright red color

Reliable and stable product characteristics