Me & Tessenderlo Group

What you can expect of us

We asked colleagues to describe in five words what working at Tessenderlo Group is like. It proved to be hard to stop at five.

Career mobility in a global industrial group


A global leader

Tessenderlo Group (Euronext: TESB) is an industrial group that is a global leader in many different sectors, including agriculture, valorizing bio-residuals, machinery, mechanical engineering, electronics, energy, and providing industrial solutions with a focus on water. Our global headquarters are located in Europe (Brussels), and we have plants and offices in more than 25 countries worldwide. That means a lot of opportunities for career mobility, which we embrace wholeheartedly: you developing your full potential will only help us grow as a group.

Personal Development and training

Being entrepreneurs ourselves, we encourage all of our employees to find and fully explore their unique strengths.

We are eager to meet and employ motivated people: your potential and enthusiasm are just as important as your academic degree or professional background. What matters is that we can grow together. For our employees to become the best version of themselves, they dispose of a variety of tools: a personal performance management follow-up, talent planning, and continuous training, both on-the-job and in (virtual) classrooms. We will support you in developing a fulfilling and balanced career path.

Room for you
  • Come as you are

    We believe this: diversity can only enrich us as an organization, and as human beings. So come as you are: initiative, resourcefulness, and the ability to look at the world from different perspectives will get us further in meeting the challenges of these times. We look beyond academic degree and professional background, and focus on capacity and motivation.

  • Room to disconnect

    We have the firm ambition to get things done. But for an engine to be running smoothly, it needs regular pit stops. We all need to clear our heads from time to time. To go out and smell the breeze. To spend time with our loved ones. To pursue whichever pastime charges our batteries.

    At Tessenderlo Group, we make sure that there is room to disconnect. Our employees enjoy ample holidays, and we believe that being able to switch off outside of working hours is wholesome and necessary.

  • Flexible work arrangements

    The world changes and so do we. What is important is that we move forward. A healthy degree of flexibility about where and when a job gets done is self-evident. That works both ways, of course. The important thing is that the job gets done and that both you and the organization thrive.

  • Good vibes

    The recent pandemic has proved to the world just how much work can be done flexibly, digitally, and from a distance. But at the same time, it has also reinforced our conviction that good team collaboration requires getting together from time to time. Sometimes with no other intention in mind than to simply create some good vibes. A happy hour, a summer barbecue, a quiz: our teams regularly plan diverse social activities so you can get to know your colleagues better. We believe it will only improve your workday.

Reward package

  • A financially stable group

    Working at Tessenderlo Group implies that you are part of a financially stable, long-term prospering organization. And we intend to keep it that way: every gain the group makes is reinvested: we are in it for the long run.

  • Compensation

    Our reward packages vary from country to country, and from business to business. But we can safely say that overall, the group offers competitive, above-average salaries, combined with attractive benefits. There is also a pay-for-performance component to our compensation: when you help Tessenderlo Group to achieve success, we want you to share in that success, and be rewarded for it.