Every Molecule Counts

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We make it count – entrepreneurship @Tessenderlo Group

We thrive on initiative and clever ideas, wherever they come from: yours will be as good as anyone else’s. If you spot an opportunity that makes sense, chances are that you’ll see it realized: we simply hate to let a good opportunity slip.

The world doesn’t wait, so neither do we. Our decision lines are short and effective. We don’t have a heavy corporate structure, which ensures that things can happen quickly. We get it done.

As true entrepreneurs, we find that money well-spent is money spent on opportunities. Whether that be a business opportunity or an opportunity for (your) development, we’re investing for the long run.

Investing for the long run

Not that long ago, in 2019, Tessenderlo Group celebrated its 100th anniversary. We felt that this milestone should be celebrated in style, with a family day for all our employees. Not only are we proud of our long-term, stable fruition but we are also proud of our steady growth. Many factors are contributing to that growth: our belief that Every Molecule Counts, and the grit of our people to push the needle every day, but also, rather remarkably, the fact that every gain we make is immediately reinvested in the group. This is a powerful differentiator in today’s corporate world.

our attitudes
How we look at the world

The various different business units and companies of Tessenderlo Group are not all involved in the same activities. But we are united by our belief that Every Molecule Counts, and we share the same attitudes:

They indicate what we consider to be most important as a group, supporting a company culture that focuses on excellence and sustainable growth. However, while these attitudes act as a source of inspiration, they only really exist to the extent that we practice them. This is why we are committed to actively applying our attitudes in our everyday work. Because it reflects positively on our colleagues, customers, and other stakeholders. As a result, they clearly see our entrepreneurial spirit and job satisfaction, and our value-driven, “can-do” mentality.