Our Agro segment combines Tessenderlo Group’s activities in the production, sales and marketing of crop nutrients (liquid crop fertilizers and potassium sulfate fertilizers, based on sulfur as well as organic fertilizers), and crop protection products. We have four business units within this segment: Crop Vitality, NovaSource (both part of Tessenderlo Kerley, Inc.), Tessenderlo Kerley International, and Violleau.

Production locations

Crop Vitality | NovaSource: 13 production plants and 1 under construction and more than 100 terminals (US).

Tessenderlo Kerley International: production plants in Belgium (1), France (1), Turkey (1) and 1 under construction (the Netherlands), and 10 terminals in Europe and Mexico.

Violleau: one production plant and one under construction in France.

Core markets


Area of activity

Value-added specialty liquid, solid and soluble fertilizers, and crop protection products with a focus on precision agriculture applications.

Business drivers
  • Growing population.
  • Increased demand for quality fertilizers for modern and sustainable precision agriculture and crop protection products.
  • To support efficient water management and inhibit nitrification.
Strategic focus

​Crop Vitality | Tessenderlo Kerley International | Violleau

  • To maintain our global leadership position in selective specialty liquid and soluble sulfur/SOP fertilizers, while expanding further into key target markets in the Americas, Europe, Middle East and Australia.
  • To expand the product portfolio and applications offerings to strengthen our position in both broad-acre and specialty crop markets.
  • To develop and provide sustainable organic agricultural solutions.
  • To build a global network of connected technical experts and storage.
  • To focus on expanding market share by providing continuous education throughout the value chain with a view to increasing food production in a sustainable manner.
  • To continuously improve the cost efficiency of our production processes and supporting departments while optimizing our customer-centered supply chain.
  • To optimize our energy footprint.


  • To identify, develop, register, and market new uses of current and acquired products.
  • To expand the product portfolio through acquisitions.
  • To maintain product registrations, register, and market our current and acquired products in additional countries.