Innovation & technologies

Tessenderlo Group aims at improving product, process and application technologies, exploring new applications for existing products, as well as enhancing sustainability and environmental protection.

For product and technology platforms applied across several business units, Tessenderlo Group relies on our Innovation & Learning Center in Dinuba (California, US), the Phoenix Innovation Center (US) and the Tessenderlo Innovation Center (Belgium). We also rely on our R&D expertise across abroad area of organic and inorganic chemistries at lab and pilot scale, supporting several Agro, Bio-valorization and Industrial Solutions innovation projects.
Customers recognize Tessenderlo Group's innovative and entrepreneurial strengths. We always welcome close collaborations that will lead to unique applications and products.

Our innovation choices continue to be driven by the belief that “Every Molecule Counts” and they are prioritized in alignment with our business strategies. In R&D and new business development, Tessenderlo Group continues to improve and develop product, process, and application technologies through a customer-centric approach, exploring new applications for existing products, as well as enhancing sustainability and environmental protection.

We also further develop our collaborations with academia, customers, suppliers, and other relevant stakeholders.

IDX Instant drying

Production of highly digestible feather meals and blood meals via instant low impact drying technology

Technical features

  • Extremely short residence time (few seconds)
  • Simultaneous instant drying and grinding (no need of additional milling step)
  • Microbiological contamination is mitigated (no dead zones or product holdup) / easy sanitization
  • Small foot print (easy to retrofit existing plant)
  • Operational flexibility / easy to operate (start / stop)
  • Easy maintenance
  • Easy cleanability

Product features

  • Picture2.png
    Feather meal features

    High digestibility positively impacts nutritional efficiency

    • Higher inclusion rate in formulation
    • Improved formulation cost efficiency
    • Lower discharge to the environment (nitrogen)

    Smaller particle size facilitates use in processing

    • Very homogeneous product
    • Improves the extrusion process, enables easy inclusion in small pellet sizes
    • Less load on grinding step
  • Picture3.png
    Blood meal features
    • Spray dried quality
    • Excellent digestibility
    • Bright red color
    • Reliable and stable product characteristics
Partnership with Haarslev

Haarslev is partnering with Tessenderlo Group to combine their respective experience in the field of the production of highly digestible feather meals and blood meals via gentle drying technologies, promoted under the brands IDX for spin flash dryers and VDX for vacuum disc dryers.

IntermeatFood SRL –Poultry rendering plant, Romania
In May 2023, Haarslev was awarded the contract to provide the rendering solution to the most modern poultry processing facility in South-Eastern Europe. Covering an area of 25,000 m2, it will be the largest chicken meat production unit in Romania and will have Marelas its main partner.

The rendering facility will feature three individual processing lines for poultry offal, feather and bloodrespectively. All three lines are continuous processes with a disc cooker based offal line, afeather line based on a Haarslev CFH Hydroliserwith disc drying with the innovative IDX type blood meal line including Haarslev Spin Flash Dryer and licensing from Tessenderlo Group.

For more information, please see the blood processing brochure of Haarslev.