Machines & Technologies

The Machines & Technologies segment includes the business unit Picanol Group, which is composed of four branded entities: Picanol (weaving machines), Proferro (foundry and mechanical finishing), Psicontrol (development and production of electronics) and Melotte (3D metal printing & high precision manufacturing).

Production locations

Picanol Group​: Belgium (2), Romania (1) and China (1). Sales offices for weaving machines, spare parts and after-sales services in Brazil, China, India, Indonesia, Mexico, Turkey, Pakistan and the USA.

Core markets

Machines and technology

Area of activity

Development, production, sales and service of high-tech weaving machines (Picanol), foundry and mechanical finishing (Proferro), electronics development and production (Psicontrol) and 3D metal printing & high precision manufacturing (Melotte).

Business drivers
  • Rising demand for textiles due to a globally expanding middle class.
  • Rising demand for complex cast iron parts.
  • Rising demand for electronics due to digitalization of machines and processes.
  • The development of technology and big data.
Strategic focus

Picanol Group


  • To further expand the product range of weaving machines and offer applications for new market segments.
  • To further strengthen (weaving) performance, the quality of our products and services and to support our customers’ cost competitiveness.


  • The 3-pillar strategy, casting-finishing-assembly.


  • Custom-made controllers for medium-sized series, and expertise in Electronic Manufacturing Services (EMS).