Machines & Technologies

Our Machines & Technologies segment includes the activities of the Picanol Group business unit, namely the development, production, and sale of high-tech weaving machines (Picanol), foundry and mechanical finishing (Proferro), the development and production of electronics (Psicontrol), and the development and production of high-tech precision parts and 3D metal printing (Melotte).

Picanol Group

Picanol Group is composed of four branded entities: Picanol (weaving machines), Proferro (foundry and mechanical finishing), Psicontrol (development and production of electronics) and Melotte (3D metal printing & high precision manufacturing).

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    Picanol develops, manufactures and sells high-tech weaving machines featuring insertion by means of airjet or rapier technology. Picanol supplies weaving machines to weaving mills in more than 100 countries worldwide, and also provides customers with products and services such as weaving frames, training courses, upgrade kits, and spare parts. Picanol has been an international pioneer in the fields we operate in for more than 85 years, and we are among the world's top weaving machine manufacturers.

    Picanol supplies weaving machines for general textile applications, such as denim (jeans), shirt fabric, toweling, and household & interior textiles. Picanol also supplies weaving machines for niche applications, such as technical textiles for airbags, medical applications, parachutes, and tire cord.

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    Proferro performs all casting and mechanical finishing activities and offers engineered casting solutions for medium-sized series of 500 to 20,000 pieces, in a long-term partnership context. The group offers a range of in-house mechanical finishing for the production of both prototypes and series, utilizing very diverse technologies such as CNC milling, gear cutting, grinding, and heat treatment.

    Proferro supplies original equipment manufacturers worldwide, in various market segments such as agricultural machinery, earthmoving machinery, compressors, textile machinery, and general mechanical engineering. By combining casting, mechanical finishing, assembly, and co-design, Proferro can successfully respond to the increasing demand for larger, more technically challenging, core-intensive parts.

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    Psicontrol focuses on the design, development, production, and support of custom-made controllers. Psicontrol offers tailor-made solutions based on real-time controllers. Our proprietary platforms reduce development time and enable high-performance, price-friendly solutions.

    Psicontrol has research, development, and prototyping departments in Ieper and purchasing, production, and service activities in both Ieper and Rasnov (Romania). Psicontrol focuses mainly on industrial customers, for whom reliability is crucial. Today it supplies various sectors, such as textile machinery, compressors, HVAC, and fleet management.

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    Melotte develops and manufactures innovative product solutions with Direct Digital Manufacturing (DDM) and Near-to-Net-Shape Manufacturing (NNSM) technologies.

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