Industrial Solutions

Our Industrial Solutions segment includes products, systems, and solutions for the handling, processing, and treatment of water. This segment includes the production, trading and sale of plastic pipe systems, water treatment chemicals, and other industrial activities, such as the production and sale of mining and industrial auxiliaries.

Production locations

DYKA Group: 9 production plants (2 in the Netherlands, 1 in Belgium, 3 in France, 1 in Germany, 1 in Poland and 1 in Hungary) and more than 70 branches in Europe.

Kuhlmann Europe: 4 production plants (2 in Belgium, 1 in France and 1 in Switzerland)

moleko: 3 production plants (USA).

Core markets

Water, sewage, air and gas piping systems and services, water treatment, disinfection, and mining services.

Area of activity

Building and installation, public infrastructure and utility works, industrial and municipal markets, hygiene and cleaning products, industry, and mining.

Business drivers
  • Regulatory authorities are setting stringent impurity levels for potable and treated wastewater.
  • Clean water demand and hygiene – the industry need for the sustainable purification of process water and valorization of water.
  • Scarcity of natural resources and environmental footprint.
  • Global warming, stormwater (infiltration), energy-neutral buildings, health, and comfort.
  • Base chemicals supply is sustained by economic activity.
Strategic focus

DYKA Group

  • To further grow customer intimacy, to introduce innovative systems and services, and strengthen our position in various sectors, product ranges, and key geographies.

Kuhlmann Europe

  • To provide long-term and environmentally attractive solutions to municipalities and industries for water potabilization and the treatment of wastewater turning by-products into value-added solutions.


  • To be the sustainable partner of choice for essential chemistry and technical solutions for mining and industrial applications.