Our Bio-valorization segment, which covers Tessenderlo Group’s activities in animal by-product processing, consists of PB Leiner (production, trading and sale of gelatin and collagen peptides) and Akiolis (rendering, production, trading and sale of proteins and fats).

Production locations

PB Leiner: 3 production plants in Europe (Belgium, Germany, UK), 2 in China and 3 in the Americas (US, Argentina, Brazil).

Akiolis: 3 production plants, 28 collection centers (C1/C2 categories), and 8 production plants, 20 collection centers (C3 category & food grade) in France. 1 production plant recently acquired in Spain (C2/C3 category) still to be commissioned.

Core markets

Food, pharma, health & nutrition, pet food, agriculture, aqua feed, animal feed, energy, biodiesel, oleo-chemistry, and sanitary services.

Area of activity

Bio-resources, agriculture

Business drivers
  • Growing demand for bio-based environmentally friendly offerings in feed, food, health & nutrition, fertilization, energy, and pharmaceutical and technical applications.
  • Improved standards of living result in increased protein demand.
  • Increased need for sanitary procedures to protect the food chain and the health of animals dedicated to human food.
Strategic focus

PB Leiner

  • To focus on customer-driven organization and new product development.
  • To optimize efficiencies on existing assets.
  • To vigorously focus on realizing manufacturing excellence and the improved valorization of access to raw materials.
  • To increase the focus on health & nutrition(collagen peptides) and pharma.
  • Valorization of side streams (fat, PSR, and DCP).
  • Further securing raw material supply (via a joint venture involving our teams in South America and China).


  • To improve the valorization of finished products in pet food, aquaculture, and organic fertilizer markets.
  • To better valorize our fats.
  • To strengthen our position in our core business on sourcing markets by pushing long-term and quality-based contracts.
  • To focus on licensing and obtaining patents for our technologies.
  • To focus on customer relationships and new product development.
  • To improve efficiency in existing plants and logistics.
  • To focus on sanitary services for breeders, and on quality control for slaughterhouses and butchers.