Every Molecule Counts

Every Molecule Counts

Tessenderlo Group. We are 7,500+ people, collaborating around the globe, operating in very diverse industrial segments: Agro, Bio-valorization, Industrial Solutions, Machines & Technologies, and T-Power.

What unites us is this: our conviction that…

Every Molecule Counts 


The world today faces great challenges. Nevertheless, at Tessenderlo Group, we are optimistic. Optimistic in our belief that prosperity and sustainability can go hand in hand. We believe that there is uncovered value and potential everywhere: in the resources we use, in our processes, and in ourselves. So what we do is to try and realize that potential ever better.

This can be in the big things: many of our products are about recovering by-products to upcycle them into valuable essential applications for everyday life - think, for example, organic fertilizers or gelatin for pharmaceutical capsules made from animal by-products, purification of water obtained with residue chemical compounds from our fertilizer production, or durable high-tech castings made from scrap metal. We uncover value where most would never even imagine it exists.

We are equally unrelenting in enhancing efficiency and using our potential to the fullest. Our fertilizers, for example, provide crops with the nutrients they sorely need, whilst also nurturing the soil they grow in. Our pipe systems reduce water leakages and support the management of energy and air flows. And our weaving machines are optimized to cause ever less waste fiber.

But it’s also in the smaller things: we have started incorporating recycled materials in those same pipe systems, and we are progressively transporting via water, rather than clogging our road traffic. Big or small, it all counts. Every single one of these actions is breaking fresh ground to realize more potential.

To consistently keep progressing, you need entrepreneurial spirit. We’ve got that covered. We owe the impact and size that we have today to the initiative and clever ideas of our people. But patience is also key to tenaciously keep pushing the needle. You might think that we have a bit less of that, with the many projects we undertake. But consider this: our drive to make every molecule count is not new, it’s what we have always done. Our founders, back in the 1900s, started off by processing simple raw materials and persistently seeking new and better uses for these materials and their derivatives.

Since then, our group has been steadily growing, and continuously reinvesting every gain back into the organization. We won’t stop now. We will always strive to make more molecules count.

​​​​​​​How our business units are making Every Molecule Count