Board of directors

As of May 11, 2021, the composition of the Board of Directors of Tessenderlo Group nv​ is as follows (1):



Mandate until


​Stefaan Haspeslagh

May 2022

Executive director

​Luc Tack

May 2023

Non-executive director

Karel Vinck

May 2023

​Independent non-executive director (2)

Wouter De Geest

May 2023

​Independent non-executive director (2)

Management Deprez bv (permanently represented by Ms. Veerle Deprez)

May 2025

​Independent non-executive director (2)

​ANBA bv​ (permanently represented by Ms. Anne-Marie Baeyaert)

May 2025

(1) The composition of the Board of Directors fulfills the objective of assembling complementary skills in terms of competencies, experience and business knowledge. However, in light of the mandates that are currently in effect, the composition does not completely fulfill the guidelines related to diversity, both regarding gender as well as in general.
(2) Pursuant to paragraph 4.10 of the Charter, a director is considered to be independent if he or she as a minimum complies with the independence criteria provided for under article 526 of the Company Code. When assessing the independence of a director, the requirements set out under appendix A of the Belgian Corporate Governance Code are also taken into account. According to the information available to the Board of Directors, the independent directors of Tessenderlo Group all comply with the aforementioned independence criteria. No exceptions were reported to the Board.
Since 1 January 2010, Anne Mie Vanwalleghem has held the position of secretary to the Board of Directors.

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