Business principles

It is Tessenderlo Group’s ambition to achieve global success in each of our product markets, a goal that can only be attained from a solid foundation. It is our aim to create a congenial and efficient working environment for our staff, coupled with a sound and honest business ethic with which to conduct our dealings.

With this in mind, Tessenderlo Group’s staff has outlined some of its core values:

Staff principles


Every member of staff is unique and valuable.


Our attitude towards one another is based on mutual trust with respect for the opinions, values and choices of others.

Furthermore, we strive to behave honestly, fairly and responsibly in our working relationships with each other as well as with third parties, employing clear and flowing communication throughout.


Any form of discrimination based on sex, age, physical or mental ability, descent, sexual orientation or appearance is unacceptable to us.

Business ethic


In carrying out our work, we take the necessary initiatives to guarantee health and safety at work, as well as the preservation of our environment through care and respect. Our overall attitude creates a healthy and productive working environment, that is reflected in the quality of our final products.

Delivering Quality Products

In order to continuously deliver products of the highest quality, our manufacturing processes must be based on the latest technology, combined with solid and persistent research. A sustained approach to research and product development ensures that we remain at the forefront of the market.

Diligence and Respect for Legislation

It is the group’s aim to conduct our business dealings with a high level of transparency and in accordance with all applicable laws and regulations.

Prevention of Conflicts of Interest

We strive to do business in a fair and impartial manner with the group’s interests at heart. For this reason, we pay close attention to any possible conflicts of interest at all levels of operation that could jeopardize our universal objectives.

Secure Handling of Sensitive Information

Confidentiality is of paramount importance in a multi-tiered company in order to ensure that each decision is handled at the correct level and that every negotiation is dealt with in the strictest confidence.