DYKA opens new branch in Tilburg

On Wednesday, April 4, 2018, DYKA celebrated the opening of its brand new Tilburg branch. DYKA has a total of 20 branches in the Netherlands and this latest branch will enable it to serve its customers even better and faster. The new branch will be open to the public from April 5, 2018.

Always nearby

DYKA, which is a manufacturer and supplier of plastic piping systems, has a branch network of 20 stores in the Netherlands. Whilst the 20 branches of DYKA continue to receive significant volumes of customers, an increasing number of people are finding their products online at DYKA. However there is still demand from customers for actual branches. Therefore, in choosing a strategic location such as Tilburg, DYKA is fulfilling the needs of all of its customers.

“To provide our customers with personal and technical advice, we need to continue to be present on a local level. Our customers, just like us, are characterized by their craftsmanship and entrepreneurship. That is something that we want to support as much as possible” explained Eric Jan Rutten, Commercial Director of DYKA.

Opening week from April 5 – April 11

Both existing customers and prospective customers received a local newspaper with a personal invite. This particular edition presented the branch co-workers to the reader and also provided an explanation of the services that DYKA offers. The first 100 customers also received a special gift. As is the case at all of our branches, special attention will be given to customers in terms of providing specific technical advice.

Further expansion

Within the next couple of months, DYKA will be opening its second new branch of 2018 in the southeast region of Amsterdam. This means that DYKA will have 21 branches spread out over the Netherlands. More stores mean less distance for the customers to travel and they now have the choice of either picking up the goods or having them delivered.