Guiding principles

The guiding principles we share, as a group

Tessenderlo Group has a positive and pragmatic outlook regarding how we can keep growing our business in a sustainable way: we believe that Every Molecule Counts. Creative, well-considered usage of our resources and a long-term focus are a common thread in our story. It is our ambition to strengthen our leading market position in each business unit and company of our group and to ensure enduring profitability. From a strongly anchored family shareholder base, Tessenderlo Group is further committed to creating shareholder value through the execution of a sustainable long-term industrial strategy.

The following principles guide our relationships with our employees, customers, shareholders, and local communities:

Our guiding principles

1. We believe that Every Molecule Counts: we continually strive to valorize our products and processes to the maximum and to add value to everything we do.

2. Our main focus is our business, and we do everything we can to get better at what we do.

3. The safety and health of everyone in our business comes first. This is non-negotiable.

4. Our people are the beating heart of Tessenderlo Group. We respect, enthuse, challenge, develop, and recognize the achievements of our colleagues.

5. The customer is our priority, and this means operational excellence is essential.

6. We continuously improve our competitiveness. That is why we optimize our spending and keep overheads to a minimum.

7. We are driven by our entrepreneurial spirit: challenge and execution are key. We fight and win the battle in the market by assuming our responsibilities and taking the right actions at all levels.

8. We ensure the sum is more than the parts. We leverage our very diverse skills and share best practices within our group through centers of excellence and services.

9. We continuously practice our 6 attitudes, and we are fully committed to performing our jobs with integrity.